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Eating Local:

Who can bring our eating closer to home?

All of us…. so says author Vicki Robin

As eaters we can educate our palates as well as
increase our skills
(growing and cooking) and
develop a taste for local, i.e. welcoming the
relational part of eating, the connections to soil, farmers,
farms, forests, waters, and the sense of belonging and
rootedness that comes from local living.
And we can do our economic part:
chose local over frugal, at least part of the time.

As people-in-families we can nourish our children
through serving
whole, healthy food and helping them grow, harvest
and cook enough to love real food.

As small and mid-scale farmers we can develop
our skills and increase our land’s capacity
to meet consumer demand for healthy local food.

As educators we can develop curricula,
workshops, messaging and more to wake eaters up.

As grocers and procurement agents for institutions
we can develop ways that local food can enter the supply chain.

As artists and story tellers and dreamers
we can awaken our imaginations.



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