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by Slow Food MV on January 10, 2014

Want to join our group? Please email Sue at: and she will email you with updates and meetings.
We are a slow food group working to educate their communities on the dangers of GMOs. Would you like to connect with others in our community who are ready to make a difference as well as create community amongst people who care about the future of our food?  If you say Yes to labeling  GMOs, come join us!

Update from Slow FoodMVGMO Free  Group.

We have been working really hard on the labeling initiative and collected over 3000 signatures that went to the Capital last month and before they made it to the floor, the committees heard they were coming and moved the bills! This was a MAJOR win for the labeling bill. We are working collaboratively with or neighboring states: Yesterday, Vermont passed H.112, this country’s first no-strings-attached law requiring the mandatory labeling of GMOs (genetically modified organisms), and outlawing the practice of labeling GMO-contaminated foods as “natural” or “all-natural.”

We will be visiting or senator Dan Wolf in early May in Boston and we need farmers and businesses of Massachusetts to endorse the labeling bill. Here is what you can do:


The following businesses, organizations, associations and professionals are part of the MA Right to Know GMOs Network and support mandatory GMO labeling in Massachusetts. We thank them for their support!


“We have a right to know if our food is produced through the use of genetic engineering. Genetically Modified foods (GMOs) have not been proven safe, and so we demand the fundamental freedom of choice that can only come from government-mandated labeling of all GM food products.”

Additionally Please sign up at NOFA

Farms supporting GMO Labeling

I am a Massachusetts farmer and I am concerned about GMOs. I believe we have the right to know what is in our food, and I support a state law requiring mandatory labeling of food with GMO ingredients.

If you are a Massachusetts farmer and can sign the above statement, send your name, farm name, and town to Jack Kittredge at Jack@nofamass.comto be added to the list.



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