30 Mar

Ever wondered why people use stand mixers over hand mixers when the latter is cheaper?

Or why so many people still get confused between a hand mixer and a stand mixer when essentially both do the same job?

We know how confusing kitchen tools can be, and how difficult it is to differentiate between two tools which ideally perform the same job.

While you might argue that hand mixers and stand mixers ultimately perform the task of mixing ingredients, the fact remains that they are vastly different from each other.

Similarities between a Hand Mixer and a Stand Mixer

Ideally, both the hand mixer and a stand mixer performs the task of mixing ingredients together and can whip the eggs efficiently and help in mixing up the cake batter with ease.

This is where the similarities end, though. Both of them can perform the task of mixing for you but apart from that, they are extremely different from each other.

Differences between a Hand Mixer and a Stand Mixer

A hand mixer is a hand-held tool which requires manual effort to beat the mixture and mix the ingredients and comes in two varieties: an Eggbeater and an Electric Beater.

Both of these come with a rotatory blade but in the case of an egg beater, you need to manually get the blade moving whereas in an electric beater, you just need to switch it on and it will automatically rotate the blade and mix your ingredients.

On the other hand, in the case of a stand mixer, you just need to switch on the machine and you can leave your ingredients to be mixed in the bowl and go away for some time. A stand mixer requires less manual work than a hand mixer and can perform better and consistent mixes too.

Another difference between a hand mixer and a stand mixer is the cost. A hand mixer comes really cheap whereas a stand mixer can come anywhere in the range of $50 to $500. Check out stand mixers below $500

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A stand mixer also includes many attachments which can perform several other functions whereas a hand mixer can be used to just whisk eggs or mix the ingredients.

In fact, with a stand mixer, you could even slice your vegetables and fruits and make ice cream too but the same cannot be said for the hand mixer.

Another major difference between a hand mixer and a stand mixer is that usually stand mixers are large and heavy to move around whereas hand mixers are extremely light and can be transferred from one place to another place with ease.

A hand mixer is also easy to store in the kitchen whereas a stand mixer is not, and let’s not forget that a hand mixer is much easier to clean than a stand mixer.

There is one major drawback with the hand mixers that they cannot be used to prepare large volume mixtures, for large volume mixes, you need to use stand mixers.

A hand mixer is a great choice if all you have to do is mix ingredients in small quantity or whisk liquid but if you need to perform large volume mixes and other tasks, then you need to go for a stand mixer.


30 Dec

Investing in a stand mixer is not an easy task as you have to look at several factors before choosing the best model for yourself.

If you are not careful, you could end up with a faulty piece which could prove to be a real bad investment for you. So to help you out pick up a long lasting stand mixer which you could use for a variety of purposes, we have compiled a list of top notch mixers for you to go through:

KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

Although KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan is an expensive choice at about $290, it is easily the best model out there with its many different attachments which enable you to perform several activities ranging from basic mixing to beating cake dough. It comes with a 320-watt motor which offers you 10-speed levels to accommodate your cooking demands with ease.

Its 5-quart metallic bowl with attached handle allows you enough room to prep dough enough 15-20 biscuits in a single go. It also comes in numerous colors so you can opt for one which matches with your kitchen and add more grace to it.

Although this model provides you with the best features and settings out there, it can become a little confusing to use these settings and figure out the correct height settings.

Moreover, if you plan to buy additional attachments, it would cost you a little more. But if you are looking for something of good quality and long-lasting, then this model is certainly worth its cost and you won’t find a better trade than this.


Hamilton Beach 64650 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer

A true value for money model, it comes with 6-speed settings and several attachments, which includes a whisk, dough hook, beaters, etc., to choose from to follow a variety of recipes with ease. With its QuickBurst feature and a 290-watt motor, it gives enough power for easy mixing.

It comes with several other features like Bowl Rest mixer stabilizer and its shift and stir bowl helps in its ability to behave as a hand mixer too. Its brushed stainless steel bowl ensures its durability and makes it for a stylish addition.

Although sometimes the attachments might not touch the bottom of the mixer making it difficult to mix the contents and it might prove a little difficult to get the bowl into the stand but at just $35-$40, it is an amazing offer and truly a good investment.


Sunbeam FPSBHS0302 250-Watt 5-Speed Hand and Stand Mixer

If you need a more basic mixer which you won’t use that frequently, then this model is perfect for you at just about $40 which provides you with the benefits of behaving as a dual mixer (as seen in the image below). With its 250-watt motor, it gives enough power to perform most basic mixing demands.

Its chrome beaters which rotate separately and its dough hooks make a perfect combination to make a variety of breads etc.

Providing you 5-speed levels and its 2-quart stainless steel bowl ensures a consistent and non-skid experience to its users. But although it’s a value for money at this low budget, it has a few drawbacks which should be kept in mind while planning to purchase this. Its buttons can sometimes become a little difficult to press and its bowl requires continuous chafing.


Bosch MUM4405 Compact Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

A small sized mixer with the power and performance of a larger unit, this is the ideal choice for those who like to save space but not compromise on the functionalities.

It has a 4-quart plastic bowl which is large enough for most cooking to be done and comes with an anti-splash cover to avoid any kind of spills. It comes with hooks and whisks and its 400-watt motor produces an adequate amount of power.

With the ability to knead dough for about 5-10 breads at a time or combining several cookies in a single batch, it does have a few faults too. It is difficult to use when mixing a heavy dough and its top keeps moving around when mixing. Another prominent problem with this model is its cleaning, but keeping all this aside it is a good bet at just $200.


Breville BEM800XL Scraper Mixer Pro 5-Quart Die-Cast Stand Mixer

Although it is not a product of a well-known brand, it can easily give competition to most of the top notch models out there. With its planetary mixing action, it is a perfect mixer to merge lighter and heavier substances together with great ease.

It is excellent at cake batter beating and it comes with a good manual for settings and recipes. Apart from all this, it is much easier to attach and comes with an easy to use control dial and an easy to pull plug.

But it does have a few drawbacks like it can knead only one bread at a time and might be difficult to clean. It is also expensive compared to other models at $281. But it you don’t mind the price and the cleaning, this could be the perfect baking partner.


15 Nov

As a beginner, when I began shopping for my house I always made a mistake in making my grocery list.

Rather spending time in the kitchen cooking I’d spend hours in the grocery store simply purchasing fruits & veggies for the whole week. But eventually I learnt some useful tips like the ones I am sharing below. Life will be much simpler and faster.

Know your needs

In the urge and greed to pick things from the attractive deals, discounts available at the store most of us end up over shopping which is definitely a bad bargain. Shopping coupons on the other hand will definitely will save you a few extra bucks.

Many a times my shopping list has just been left in my handbag, without even giving it to pop out of the bag.  The attractive discounts on products have tempted and influenced me to make the same silly mistakes of over shopping bursting my budget.

The well-known budget expert Catherine Alford’s advice is that we should look at our list and the deals that are available. Does the discount benefit if we spend or can just push the purchase for the next month / week? A comparison will definitely help in saving your expenses and would help you stick to your shopping list.


Go Solo

Personally I find this a little monotonous and rather have a buddy or my partner along but from a financial and time saving point of view going solo is simply ideal. Wondering why? That’s because at times the decision making is faster and neither will you be spending time on products you do not need.

List all your stuff according to categories

An organized time saving shopping can only be done if your list is prepared systematically. My list begins with all the food times like cereals & pulses and then the dairy products followed by the frozen items. This helps me to move to one floor or section at the same time and move to the other section. So if missed out a loaf in my list I don’t have to run the stairs up and down plus also the frozen and dairy stuff tends to stay fresher for longer when bought last.



Stick to one store

Some stores are an all-time favorite. One of the reasons is because you know the stores as well as your kitchen, you need not wander around from floor to floor or seeking for sign boards. Don’t you think such favorite stores save your energy and time? The other best part is that the store’s staff are familiar. I at times just talk to the stores staff and have made friends with them now they are so very helpful.

Try an stick to the same timing for shopping as the staff on duty remains there at the scheduled time. The other best thing to do is to stick a particular brand of the products which really helps in saving time.

6 Nov


Irrespective of what the weather outside is the one food that is loved all year round is the soup but only if cooked right. So here are a few tips to help you get it right.

Pick the right stock

Plan to add chicken stock? Well it’s usually the go to choice but if you’re looking for more creaminess and richness for your soup you can use Beef broth like I do.

Chowders & stews are best made of Fish or vegetable stocks especially tomato soups as it adds  flavor and stimulates the appetite with its mouthwatering appearance and aroma.

For vegetable stock I usually stick to the readily veggies such as kale, onion, mushrooms etc. and also often add to a my various non-veg soups as it can be the most flavoring ingredients in soups and even some curries.

Though the canned stocks and broths are readily available in market and are handy if in a rush none stand even close to the taste of homemade stocks and broths.

Be generous with the spices

To get a luscious and earthy flavor I would just reach out to the Turmeric powder and add a dash of it and if the season availability is there just add some fresh turmeric roots which would  give it a hint of the exotic and great healthy benefit.

A tablespoon of spice is never too much as it loses a lot of punch when dissolved in liquid. Cumin is added to meaty soups like Chicken Chili Verde which is cooked very slowly.

It adds to the punch of taste and fills the house with a wonderful smell. Adding cumin to tomato soup tones down the tomato flavor. Similarly Coriander added to vegetable soups gives it a rich refreshing flavor and adds depth to its presence.


Don’t forget the salt

Like building up a a house or a an office etc. requires you to monitor it at every step so does your soup. Keep in mind that it needs a pinch of salt and pepper at each stage.

Whether you’re adding sauteed veggies or meat, to get the best of the flavors throw in a pinch of salt.

Salt and pepper make a huge difference; soups taste more alive and vibrant. Salt helps to extract flavors and adds some fullness to the flavor.

Avoid over boiling it

Soup is not a flavorless pulpy mass served in a bowl. Soups are a delicacy and needs to be cooked in with a little tender touch and patience.

While bringing the soup to boil the flame should not be high. Bring the soup to boil on low flame and then quickly simmer it down.

This slow process of boiling or bubbling movement helps in maintaining the shape of ingredients like vegetables and meat pieces.

The flavor of ingredient also combine together better. High flame cooking of soups normally loses the texture and over cooks the mead to a hard mass.


Few soup recipes for the fitness freaks


24 Oct

Monday morning chaos is the worst as there is always a crunch of time and brunt of it is often faced by our diet. That’s why I spend some time a night before to just to make my following day peaceful.

Let my husband help me out

Got a spouse who can cook? Well you’re blessed. This way whoever gets up early can always manage the dinner or lunch considering you’re already done with all the chopping & marinating the night before. This will truly improvise on your lifestyle and make things simpler than ever.

I Have an on the go breakfast

One good thing I learnt from my Grandmother is to set the milk to ferment to yogurt before tucking your self into your bed and you would have healthy exemplary yogurt ready for breakfast. You can also prep a few cupcakes or muffins as breakfast just make sure you store them in an easily accessible place.

Event Fruits and chips or nuts can be put on the table for the morning. Here’s a few more on the go breakfast recipes that are healthy and yet yummy.


I Thaw frozen foods beforehand

We all store food items especially non-veg in the freezer section and in case you need to cook any of the items from the freezer you need to start you’re thawing hours ahead of cooking time. So my suggestion would be to move the required portion to the the storage below.

I Keep the kitchen tidy

Soaking the dishes in water before washing reduces the time and strain in cleaning them up. The work area needs to be left empty by putting away all the clean vessels and equipment used during dinner. This way it’s easier and faster for me to look for them early morning.

My breakfast items like cornflakes, cereals or even butter and bread are all set out at night. And if I still have the energy I just lay out my table with coffee and milk mugs, plates and even my husband’s medicines at night. Yup, ain’t I best? 😛


I Pre-mix the ingredients

My this breakfast trick works wonders for me. If I want to bake a cake or a pancake all I do is pre-mix all the dry ingredients like flour, baking powder, coco powder etc. in a bowl and put an airtight lid on to it. So the mornings are easy going as I need to just add in the wet ingredients like egg, butter and fold it into the bowl with my dry ingredients and leave it to cook.

 I take hydration seriously

To restore or maintain the balance of fluids for the day I squeeze a slice of lime throw in a few mint leaves and add a slice of cucumber in a bottle and put it into the fridge a night before. This keeps me going the for the full day and thus saves me ton of time.