24 Oct

Monday morning chaos is the worst as there is always a crunch of time and brunt of it is often faced by our diet. That’s why I spend some time a night before to just to make my following day peaceful.

Let my husband help me out

Got a spouse who can cook? Well you’re blessed. This way whoever gets up early can always manage the dinner or lunch considering you’re already done with all the chopping & marinating the night before. This will truly improvise on your lifestyle and make things simpler than ever.

I Have an on the go breakfast

One good thing I learnt from my Grandmother is to set the milk to ferment to yogurt before tucking your self into your bed and you would have healthy exemplary yogurt ready for breakfast. You can also prep a few cupcakes or muffins as breakfast just make sure you store them in an easily accessible place.

Event Fruits and chips or nuts can be put on the table for the morning. Here’s a few more on the go breakfast recipes that are healthy and yet yummy.


I Thaw frozen foods beforehand

We all store food items especially non-veg in the freezer section and in case you need to cook any of the items from the freezer you need to start you’re thawing hours ahead of cooking time. So my suggestion would be to move the required portion to the the storage below.

I Keep the kitchen tidy

Soaking the dishes in water before washing reduces the time and strain in cleaning them up. The work area needs to be left empty by putting away all the clean vessels and equipment used during dinner. This way it’s easier and faster for me to look for them early morning.

My breakfast items like cornflakes, cereals or even butter and bread are all set out at night. And if I still have the energy I just lay out my table with coffee and milk mugs, plates and even my husband’s medicines at night. Yup, ain’t I best? 😛


I Pre-mix the ingredients

My this breakfast trick works wonders for me. If I want to bake a cake or a pancake all I do is pre-mix all the dry ingredients like flour, baking powder, coco powder etc. in a bowl and put an airtight lid on to it. So the mornings are easy going as I need to just add in the wet ingredients like egg, butter and fold it into the bowl with my dry ingredients and leave it to cook.

 I take hydration seriously

To restore or maintain the balance of fluids for the day I squeeze a slice of lime throw in a few mint leaves and add a slice of cucumber in a bottle and put it into the fridge a night before. This keeps me going the for the full day and thus saves me ton of time.