coop de ville tour


Thanks to all for an egg-cellent day.

The Coop de Ville Tour

In celebration of the Local Egg


First and foremost, our graditude goes to Eric and Molly Glasgow for hosting this Slow Food event. It was the perfect space on a beautiful farm on a perfect day.






It was a day of experiencing a sampling of the Island’s egg culture starting with a delicious brunch of custom omelets, strata, blueberry crepes, Kitchen Porch popovers, kale salad with watermelon and feta and a dessert of walnut crusted roasted peaches. Yum! The brunch was held at the Grey Barn and Farm , prepared by Cathy Walthers and her crew, Rachel Vaughn, Pat Kauffman, Carol Derry, Alba Eber, and Merrie Nydam.

Tour-ists saw a custom designed coop by 3 designers from the office of Hutker Architects, Tom Shockey, Sean Dougherty and Nelson Giannakopoulos….

and talked chickens & breeds with Katherine Long.





Guests listened to a talk on organics and raising chickens by Eric Glasgow, with Q&A and then departed for the other tour sites – Native Earth Teaching Farm, The Giordano’s Little Chicken Coop, Spring Moon Farm, Grandmommy’s Farm, and Round About Farm – our thanks to you all.

The event supported Slow Food MV’s principles of Good, Clean and Fair food. Visitors learned about “fresh” eggs, “local” eggs and the chicken keepers that make it all happen. There was talk about egg labeling, how laying chickens are raised, the flavor of an egg, chicken breeds and what eggs they lay, the farm-to-table movement, and how to become a chicken keeper.


It was a great event,

this chickens and egg extravaganza.

– Max King, Event Chair


Many thanks for the support we had from Slow Food members,

Betty Burton
Jessica Roddy
Thalia Scanlan
Karen Eglish
Keepa Lowe
Tomar Waldman
Cathy Walthers
Carol Derry

& Max King

and for additional support from

Gabrielle Redner, Becca King, James O’Donnell, Shan Emanuelli, David and James KelliherJan Buhrman of Kitchen Porch for their donation of  popovers, Bob Skydell of Fiddlehead Farms, Herring Creek KitchenKathy Lobb and Emily Bramhall.

It was a great event, this chickens and egg extravaganza.

event was August 4th, 2013  \  Brunch @ 10:30am, The Grey Barn and Farm |Tour self-guided, 12noon-4pm

Coop de Ville Tour tickets were   |  adult $25   |  under 18 yrs $8   |   car resv $2 ….

for Coop Stories, a Local Egg Map, and a description of Tour Sites

for a great little film on “cage free” & “free range” eggs,

check out   the story of an egg

And now, the photos