chickens & eggs

egg-ology | a primer

a booklet all about the basics of
keeping chickens and having fresh eggs





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Egg-ology © 2013 Max King Design Associates

We wish to thank the following for their contributions to the production of this booklet:  Rebecca Gilbert, Katherine Long, Joan Malkin, Gabrielle Redner, and Cathy Walthers.

Additionally, we would like to thank Eric and Molly Glasgow for their generous offer to host the Coop de Ville Tour kickoff event, the team at Hutker Architects for the design of the custom coop raffled at Living Local Harvest Festival, Emily Bramhall, Betty Burton, Carol Derry, Rebecca Gilbert, Kathy Lobb, Katherine Long & Jim Parr for their contributions to the website and event promotion, and Mass in Motion for their support of event promotions.