15 Nov

As a beginner, when I began shopping for my house I always made a mistake in making my grocery list.

Rather spending time in the kitchen cooking I’d spend hours in the grocery store simply purchasing fruits & veggies for the whole week. But eventually I learnt some useful tips like the ones I am sharing below. Life will be much simpler and faster.

Know your needs

In the urge and greed to pick things from the attractive deals, discounts available at the store most of us end up over shopping which is definitely a bad bargain. Shopping coupons on the other hand will definitely will save you a few extra bucks.

Many a times my shopping list has just been left in my handbag, without even giving it to pop out of the bag.  The attractive discounts on products have tempted and influenced me to make the same silly mistakes of over shopping bursting my budget.

The well-known budget expert Catherine Alford’s advice is that we should look at our list and the deals that are available. Does the discount benefit if we spend or can just push the purchase for the next month / week? A comparison will definitely help in saving your expenses and would help you stick to your shopping list.


Go Solo

Personally I find this a little monotonous and rather have a buddy or my partner along but from a financial and time saving point of view going solo is simply ideal. Wondering why? That’s because at times the decision making is faster and neither will you be spending time on products you do not need.

List all your stuff according to categories

An organized time saving shopping can only be done if your list is prepared systematically. My list begins with all the food times like cereals & pulses and then the dairy products followed by the frozen items. This helps me to move to one floor or section at the same time and move to the other section. So if missed out a loaf in my list I don’t have to run the stairs up and down plus also the frozen and dairy stuff tends to stay fresher for longer when bought last.



Stick to one store

Some stores are an all-time favorite. One of the reasons is because you know the stores as well as your kitchen, you need not wander around from floor to floor or seeking for sign boards. Don’t you think such favorite stores save your energy and time? The other best part is that the store’s staff are familiar. I at times just talk to the stores staff and have made friends with them now they are so very helpful.

Try an stick to the same timing for shopping as the staff on duty remains there at the scheduled time. The other best thing to do is to stick a particular brand of the products which really helps in saving time.