Matters of The Heart

Join Us for  Slow Food Local Brunch and Discussion

Matters of the Heart

February 12 10:00 Chilmark Community Center

The purpose of this breakfast is to reach out to the farming community and find out what we can do to promote local food and also to hear from the farmers what their needs and challenges are. We are inviting farmers, community members and local food lovers alike . Attached is a link to an article about a small town in Maine that passed a food sovereignty law allowing for the sale and trade of local food without regulation. This article has been circulating among several farmers with interest. We like this as an example of how a community has come together to support agriculture. We would like to hear your thought on this or anything related.

Please Join us!

Breakfast Served at 10:00  Discussion to begin at 10:30

Local Brunch $7.00 per guest